Max’s Amazing Chef Mark Connell

I have 2 spaces left in tomorrow’s cooking class (Saturday October 2, 2010) with Mark Connell from Max’s Restaurant who I predict is going to be Santa Fe’s next famous chef! Join us at 10 AM and see if my predictions are accurate. Here is the menu- Sweet Corn Soup with Pork Belly “Croutons,” Grass Fed Beef Ribeyes “Sous Vide,” with Wild Mushroom Risotto & Parmesan Foam, and, for dessert, Soft Chocolate with Liquid Sable & Passion fruit Sorbet. We will demo the amazing Su Vide Supreme Water Oven available at Las Cosas. (Hands-On) Call 505-988-3394 or go to to attend. Also read my interview with Chef Connell in the new October issue of Local Flavor..out now.

Chef Johnny VeeMax’s Amazing Chef Mark Connell