One of Santa Fe’s most talented young chefs…

Is teaching a class for me this Saturday, August 20 at the Las Cosas Cooking School. Don’t miss it!

Sat. August 20 @ 10 AM-1 PM-$80
Chef Johnny Vee describes Max’s as Santa Fe’s most provocative and
exciting restaurant. Join talented young chef/proprietor Mark Connell
as he shows us some of the wonderful dishes that are getting raves
from his many fans. Our menu includes: Farmers Market Tomatoes
with Goat Cheese Sorbet, Sturgeon Fillet “Sous Vide,” with Baby
Artichokes, Snap Pea Salad, and Confit Potatoes, and for dessert
Warm Coconut Tapioca with Exotic Fruits. We will demo the
amazing Sous Vide Supreme Water Oven available at Las Cosas.


Chef Johnny VeeOne of Santa Fe’s most talented young chefs…