This week at The Las Cosas Cooking School

Fri. April 16 @ 6 PM-9 PM 19997- $75
Another terrific class for locals and visitors that tackles two of New Mexico’s favorite dishes. We will prepare Traditional Pork Tamales with New Mexico Red Chile Sauce, Rum-soaked Raisin Almond Dessert Tamales with Spiced Creme Anglaise, and Chile Rellenos with Three Batters. More chile addict fun. (Hands-On)

Sat. April 17 @ 10 AM-1 PM 19998-$75
Today we pretend we are deep in Chinatown, sitting around a table full of Peking Duck and all the yummy things that go with it. We will create a Chinese feast that includes: Hot & Sour Soup, Crispy Duck Two-Ways, Mandarin Pancakes, Scallion Pancakes, Duck Broth, Dipping Sauces, Tea Eggs, and Ginger Sorbet. (Hands-On)

Sat. April 17 @ 3 PM-5 PM 19999-$35
By popular demand, a class to introduce our students to the basics of good knife skills-holding, chopping, sharpening, and knife storage. We will practice cutting a variety of vegetable shapes, including dice, julienne, mince, and brunoise. Meat trimming and boning will be covered as well. Students will receive a 10% discount on knife purchases on the day of the class. (Hands-On)

Tues. April 20 @ 6 PM-9 PM 20002- $75
Tonight we visit the wondrous Mexican town of Oaxaca and explore its most famous dish, mole. The slow simmering of chiles, spices, nuts and other ingredients creates a sauce that is almost magical in its depth of flavor. We will create a complete menu Mexican goodies including: Sopa de Tortilla, Great Guacamole, Salsa Verde 3-Ways, Mole Coloradito, Green Rice, and for dessert, Tres Leches Cake. (Hands-on)

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Chef Johnny VeeThis week at The Las Cosas Cooking School