Private Cooking Classes

Private Cooking Classes with Chef Johnny Vee

Visiting Santa Fe and want to arrange a private cooking class for you and your guests? Or do you live here and would like to choose a topic of cooking you would like to learn? John is happy to put together a private class of any topic you could desire. Prices start at $110.00 per person for a hands-on, full participation class. Classes can be held in our well-stocked kitchen at Las Cosas Kitchen Shop, one-mile from Santa Fe’s historic plaza, or in your home. Some of the menus are preset to highlight a certain cooking skill or cuisine, but John is always happy to custom design a menu for you. Whatever the menu we guarantee a special cooking event that you will cherish and remember long after you have savored the last bite. All classes include recipes, food notes and wine suggestions. Off-site classes can be arranged and will include round-trip transportation. Prepare your palate to experience the wonders of New Mexico, both traditional and modern. You will see why we’re called ‘The Land of (Culinary) Enchantment.

“New Mexico Favorites”

Welcome to New Mexico and an exploration of our ancient and unique cuisine. Sit back and relax as we introduce you to the wonderful local ingredients that make up our Northern New Mexican Cuisine. You will be treated to a feast of flavors and information on chilies- both fresh and dried, spices, masa, corn and the techniques of cooking Southwest style with them. Then we prepare a feast drawn from the melting pot of recipes and dishes shared by our neighbors, the pueblo Indians and Mexican travelers. Our menu includes: Homemade Corn Tortillas, Chile con Queso, Guacamole, Roasted Tomato Salsa, Red Chile Squash & Red Onion Enchiladas, Green Chile Chicken Enchiladas and Chocolate Peanut Tacos for dessert. We will enjoy our meal with local wines and margaritas. Celebrate the coming together of two important cultures with this historical culinary journey and introduction to our local flavors.

“Sabor Santa Fe”

Sabor means flavor in Spanish and this special menu celebrates the uniqueness of our cuisine. There is more to New Mexico cooking than enchiladas and tacos and this menu features a more up market and contemporary approach. We still utilize the ingredients associated with the Land of Enchantment, but our meal is more like the food you will find in one of Santa Fe’s trendy restaurants. Our Menu includes: Banana Leaf Guacamole Boats with Salsa and Homemade Corn Chips, Mexican Beer Soup with Cheddar Cheese, Mixed Baby Greens with Lime Dressing and Toasted Pine Nuts, Mexican Chicken Picatta, Green Chile Polenta, and Homemade Dulce de Leche Ice Cream with Red Chile Caramel Sauce. Local wines and margaritas accompany our meal.

“Hostest with the Mostest”

Great entertaining ideas are covered in this fun cocktail party in the making. A perfect class for team building and larger groups or for a cooking event where perhaps you are dining in one of Santa Fe’s 200 restaurants later that evening. Quick but elegant hors d’ oeuvres and canapés comprise our menu that includes: House Smoked Salmon with Blue Corn Blinis, Smoked Potatoes with Balsamic Syrup & Gorgonzola, Spicy Thai Shrimp, Asparagus Wrapped with Proscuitto and Goat Cheese, Sweet Apple Chicken Liver Pate, Chile con Queso, Sweet Sticky Rice with Dipping Sauce, Lemon Curd Tartlettes, and Chocolate Ganache Tarts. Cocktail service and wine selecting will be covered and sampled. A great ice breaker or kick-off to your groups visit to our “City Different”.

Other Available Menus:

“Truly Tasty Thai”

“Shrimply Delicious”

“Luscious Lobster Cookery”

“Truffles, Caviar & Foie Gras”

“A World of Vegetarian Cuisine”

“Living the Lowcarb Lifestyle”

“Barbeque Bravado”

“Savoring Wild Salmon”

“Tamales & Chile Rellenos”

“Cookin’ Cajun”

“Christmas in Santa Fe”

“Charles Dickens Christmas”

“Cooking in Micaceous Pots with Felipe Ortega”

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